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94-1211 Farrington Hwy
Waipahu, Hawaii 96797


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Michele Saau
Steven Sabado Class of 2012
Rod Sabado Class of 1992
Arnold Sabala Class of 1986
Kainoa Sabalboro Class of 1991
Veronica Sabanal Class of 1962
Jerwin Sacalamitao Class of 2007
Alex Sacratropez
John Sadowski Class of 1965
John Sadwoski Class of 1965
Marcus Sagapolu Class of 2001
Theresa Sagapolutele
Kaina Saiko
Shannon Saili
Jane Saito Class of 1954
Glenn Saito Class of 1972
Patty Saito Class of 1972
Stan Sakai Class of 1969
Amy Sakamoto Class of 1972
Rex Sakamoto Class of 1970
Virginia Sakurada Class of 1970
Aolelei Salanoa Class of 1949
John Salas
Rubby Lynn Salaven
Lynn Salaven
Lynn Salaven Class of 2000
Ana Sale Class of 2001
Jeffrey Sales
Angeles Salibili Class of 1982
Zsa Zsa Salsis Class of 1984
Greg Saludares Class of 1973
Desiree Salvador
Ashley Salvador
Michael Salvador Class of 2009
Billy Salvidal Class of 2003
Sellona Sam Class of 1981
Susan Sambajon Class of 1986
Gilbert Sambrano Class of 1967
Charlene Sambueno Class of 1967
Terilynn Sampaio
Supa I Sampoang Class of 1990
Richard Santana Class of 1999
Ernest Santiago Class of 1976
John Santiago
Raynette Santiago Class of 1973
Renee Santos Class of 1991
Patrick Santos Class of 1984
Noelle Santos Costa (Santos) Class of 1989
Scarlet Sao Class of 1972
Ashley Sapanare Class of 2005
Roland Saquilon Class of 1959
Yousef Sarameh Class of 2004
Janis Sasaki Class of 1966
Harold Sasaki Class of 1961
Jean Sasaki Class of 1958
Lynn Sato
Michael Sato Class of 1979
Doreen Sato Class of 1966
Fa Sauileone
Gordon Sausa
Sharon Sausa Class of 1971
Diane Sausa Class of 1970
Frank Sawa Class of 1956
Mike Sawyer
Wanette Say Class of 1973
John Saylor Class of 1946
Veronica Scanlan Class of 2000
Micah Sceifort Class of 2003
Dani Jo Schalka Class of 1959
Michelle Schiff Class of 1978
Peter Schmidt Class of 1990
Heather Schofield Class of 1973
Heather Schofiels Class of 1973
Terri Lee Scott Class of 1969
Leilani Scott Class of 1998
Keo Scott Class of 1996
Deborah Scruton (Lum) Class of 1983
Anthony Sebastian
Nelson Seda Class of 2000
Geraldine Sedano
Mary Seeley Class of 1962
Donna Segawa (Miyamura) Class of 1982
Sharon Segawa Class of 1983
Thomas Sekine Class of 1965
Marilyn Sensano
Felicia Serapion Class of 2005
Pearl Serikaku
Bernie Serrano
Kaiser Seumalo Class of 1998
Nicole Seumalu Class of 1998
Michael Sevilla
Coralie Shanks Class of 1961
Daniel Shapiro
Rachel Shaw
Jennifer Sherman Class of 1996
Renee Shibuya Class of 1988
Mary Shigemasa Class of 1966
Kelly Shimabukuro Class of 1978
Norman Shimabukuro Class of 1971
Shantelle Shimata
Shantel Shimata Class of 2002
Kevin Shimizu Class of 1983
Alice Shin Class of 1971
Alyne Shinozawa Class of 1970
Denise Shinozuka Class of 1982
Ethel Shinsato Class of 1951
Nacino Shirley
Linda Shroads Class of 1962
Chantelle Siador Class of 2012
Daneal Siani
Stacy Siaris Class of 1985
Franklin Sibayan Class of 1963
Belinda Sibonga Class of 1976
Bernadette Silva
Mike Silva Class of 1971
Berlinda Silva Class of 1963
Angela Silva
Joaquin Silva
Richard Silva Class of 1974
Lucinda Silva Class of 1969
Lucinda Silver Class of 1969
Boyet Simbe Class of 2003
Karen Simdars Class of 1964
Marie Simi Class of 2009
Tammy Sistoza Class of 1989
Polly Sithiyothakarn
Sieni Siu
Jack Sizemore (none) Class of 2005
Larry Slade Class of 1992
Goat Slipknot
Chantell Smeisser
Chantelle Smeisser
Rosaline Smith Class of 1956
Jane Smith Class of 2000
Antoinette E Smith Class of 1968
Juliet Smith Class of 1992
Maria Snyder
Maselusi Soa Class of 1979
Frank Soares
Laurence Soares Class of 2005
Vanessa Sojot
Stephanie Sojot Class of 1975
Kay An Solis Class of 2009
Jasmine Soliven (soliven) Class of 2010
Rayann Soliven Class of 2012
Cynthia Sollenberger
Monotana Soloita Class of 1998
Edmund Somera Class of 2004
Sherelyb Somera Class of 2007
Sherelyn Somera Class of 2007
Jayzalyn Somera Class of 2014
Alexis Somera Class of 2009
Keola Soon
Shanna Sores
Jann Soriano
Maria Melissa Soriano Class of 1995
Terry Ann Sotelo Class of 2000
Pamela Sotelo
Raynette Sotero Class of 1992
Charlie Sotto Class of 1980
Natalie Souza Class of 1963
John Souza Class of 1985
Jahdiel Soyangco
Ron Spencer
Robert Spillner
Pat Steinhauer Class of 1968
Stephen Stephen Class of 1967
Leon Steve Class of 1990
Shauna Stickley
Raven Stokes Class of 1996
Scott Strong Class of 1990
Hans Sua
Isaac Suaava
Pasi Suaava Class of 1977
Ernest Suaava
Pactrilck Pasi Suaava
Ronald Suan Class of 1967
Vanessa Suan Class of 1973
Marie Suan
Dennis Sugimoto Class of 1964
Kellyu Sugita Class of 1980
Sara Sugiyama Class of 1965
Lynne Sugiyama Class of 1976
Delbert Sumailo
Pat Sumida Class of 1969
Oney Sunio
John Supebedia Iii Class of 1980
Darrin Sutton Class of 1987
Cheryl Suzawa
Allison Suzuki Class of 2004
Biacan Swinerton Class of 1997
Norman Sylva

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